Herbs 101


Everything You Need to Know About Growing Herbs

About Growing Herbs

The when’s, where’s and how’s to planting an herb garden. This is not as dificult as you may think. Even if you have never had a green thumb, herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow. You can grow your herb garden either indoors or outdoors, depending upon the type of the herb.  This book will teach you which type of herbs grow best outdoors and which can be grown indoors as well as the best ways to grow the herbs.

Collecting Herbs

Growing herbs is only the first part of the process of using herbs in your kitchen as well as for medicinal purposes.  After the herbs are grown, you have to know what to do with them, how to harvest them, dry them, store them and when they are best for use.  In addition, you will also learn what types of herbs are best for certain types of foods.  Everything you need to know about harvesting, using and storing herbs can be found here.

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How to Plant, Grow, and Cook with Natural Herbs

Have you always wanted an herb garden but didn’t know how to get started?  Do you want to know more about growing your own herbs in the privacy of your home and using them in a variety of cooking?  There are many different ways to use herbs in cooking and nothing tastes as good in your food than using fresh herbs.  Fresh herbs can one of the easiest plants to grow.

There are hundreds of different herbs that can be grown in your home and used not only for cooking, but for medicinal purposes as well.  Best of all, growing your own herbs is easy and healthy.  Some herbs can actually stave off diseases, including cancer.  It makes sense to use herbs in the kitchen.  If you are like most people, however, you may wonder what types of herbs you can use.  You want to know which are the best types of herbs to use in different dishes.

Here is what you will learn
inside this guide….


  • How to choose the herbs you need

  • Find out where to get those hard to locate herbs

  • Learn About drying herbs

  • What is a Pesto sauce anyways?

  • What can growing herbs in the garden do for you?

  • Why should you grow your own herbs?

  • How do you use the many different herbs in the kitchen?

  • What herb goes in what dish?

  • How do you make those rubs and spice blends?

  • What happens when you spice it up?

  • And a lot more!

How Much Is That Worth To You?

You could spend more than $47 on books that contain the information you will find in there. The price for this information is $17  for a limited time. If you have always wanted to learn more about herbs, including growing your own herbal garden, harvesting the herbs and using them for cooking as well as other purposes, you can learn everything you need in this book.

This book explains, in plain English, exactly what you need to get started on your herb garden, including which plants are easiest to grow, how they can be used,  how to grow them, how much water and light they need and when it is time to pick them and begin to harvest them.  You will learn how to store them and use them in certain dishes.  All in easy to understand instructions.  If you have always wanted to learn about the valuable properties contained in herbs and how to use them, this is the book for you.

Is that fair or what?

Look at it this way – $17 really is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you can save yourself by avoiding all the other books and tutorials out there. Why spend a fortune learning how to quilt, when you can do so for a much better price?


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